"Very satisfied. I was referred to John by a mutual friend to handle my DUI case in Waterford District Court. John brought me in right away for a consultation and explained everything to me and all my options in a way that was easy for me to understand. John was prompt and on time for everyone of my court dates. He also was readily available every time I called or emailed him with any questions. John helped me through a very nerve wrecking time in my life. He charged me a flat fee up front and did not ask for any other fees throughout the entire case.
I would highly recommend him."


"John is a great attorney. John did a great job for my son. John answered my phone call on a Sunday and took the time to explain the situation my son was in. He set an appointment for me the very next day and even visited my son in jail. John was very honest about the situation and made me feel at ease that my son was in good hands. John was able to keep the charges off my son's record and get him probation. I would recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney."

"Top Lawyer on my list. John did an amazing job representing me . He was very professional & always available for contact whenever the need. I expected the highest quality of service throughout , with the end result of feeling i received the most value for my representation . John did just that. I would highly recommend John Elkhoury."

"Try him out, and see exactly what I am talking about. Now Mr. Elkhoury isn't just a lawyer. He also isn't a bloodsucker who is looking to see how deep your pockets can go. His intentions are a little more trustworthy. In fact, whenever I'm represented by John, I either have a couple offenses dropped, or it's thrown out all together. His work ethic? Well, he takes it a step further in providing the best legal service I've ever obtained. What I mean by that, is that he handles each case with the upmost professionalism. He goes into extreme detail about each case, so no minor detail is missed. He also structures the case according to what he believes is necessary, and consults the plan of action with you prior to taking it to court. He's also on call, so you can always get a hold of him. Stressing out and don't know what to do? Give him a call and find out which route to take. He's a counselor for a reason. What more can you ask for? I've recommended John to all my friends & family, because I trust him. His prices are based off the kind of trouble you're into, but each dollar is an investment. As humans we make mistakes, but now you have to prove that mistake in court. Look no further ladies and gentleman, John Elkhoury is your man."

"Trustworthy and compassionate. John helped our daughter after she made a poor choice. He was very informative and cared about our concerns and our daughter's future. He was able to reduce the severity of her mistake and ensure she has a clean record. He was very professional and kept in touch with us the whole time. He really seemed to care and took the time to talk with our daughter about the things he had seen and was able to offer her valuable advice that we hope she will always remember. We highly recommend John.
-Paul and Jackie

"Excellent Attorney. I worked with John over the summer of 2013, in a civil case matter. He genuinely understood my needs not only as a client, but as a person as well. He was very transparent as far as the legal aspects surrounding my claim, and was excellent in answering any inquiries that I had. From start to finish, his dedication to my case was un-paralleled in comparison to any other lawyer that I've used previously. John is truly an advocate for his clients, and I would absolutely not only use his professional services again, but also refer any family and friends I know as well."

"A passionate Attorney, a great counselor, and a valuable friend. I'll start off by saying that John possesses certain qualities that make him an outstanding attorney. He has excellent interpersonal skills, he holds great integrity, he is always available, and he has reasonable fees, and that is just to name a few! What I really like about John is that he is always willing to talk to me and to give me advice. That makes him a great counselor and great asset to have for any case. For instance, when I needed help and advice on the weekend, even though John was at a wedding he made himself available to me and even offered to meet me the following day which was a Sunday! John is very optimistic and tries very hard to get the best outcome for his clients. I was fortunate to have him work on two cases for me and he was able to get both of them dismissed, which was a great relief for my family and I. John, went above and beyond in both cases and he persevered until both cases got dismissed. I am very grateful to him for his help and efforts."

"Great person, great counselor. John is an outstanding counselor and did a very good job representing me. I never had a problem getting a hold of him and he always responded within minutes of any question and was available at all times. Always very informative and made me feel like I was in good hands. John helped represent me in court and I received the desired outcome we had been shooting for the whole time and He helped earn me a chance to wipe my record clean on probation, rather than incarceration. The whole way through john was everything you would want from an attorney and a great friend. I highly recommend John Elkhoury."

"Excellent Attorney. Simply put, John gets the job done. Personal attention from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. If you hire John as an attorney you can literally put your self in his hands. Not only did he manage and get the verdict I desired, he managed me as a worried client with his exemplary interpersonal skills."

"One of the best in law. John is the best lawyer I've ever had to represent me. He draws up a great game plan for the case and if you do what he tells you, you have nothing to worry about. If you have a question he will answer it, and if you have another problem with the case address it to him and he will figure it out. John is verbally astounding when talking to the judge because when he is on the case he works for YOU and not just for the money like most of these lawyers do out here. John treats you like family until the case is done, and trust me, you will be satisfied. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone in legal trouble, he has saved me and looked our for me more then a couple times. He is a great man and an even better lawyer."

"Best Attorney ever. John is a great guy and an awesome attorney that cares about people. He will practice due diligence when working for you on your case. He does not treat just treat you as a client, but as person that only wants the best for you. I would highly recommend him as he is the best attorney I have ever had. Thanks John, myself and my family appreciate your hard work!"

"Awesome Lawyer! John was amazing and did everything possible to help me with my case. He kept in contact and was always available when I needed him which is awesome. I got the best possible outcome for my case and all the help I needed. I would definitely recommend John to anyone who needs legal help."

"Excellent Attorney. I've hired john twice now and he has gotten the best results both occasions. He made time for my case last minute and still got the job done. He took extra time throughout my cases to make me feel I was an important client and worked with me every step of the way."

"If you need an attorney to handle your case, look no further. John was the best attorney I have hired. He was the only attorney that actually stayed in touch with me even when court was a week away. He made up a game plan and told me that as long as I follow the game plan everything will be ok, he wasn't lying. I had both of my charges dropped because I followed his game plan. If you need your case done in a timely manner then he's your guy."

"JOHN IS THE BEST ATTORNEY!!!! Great attorney!!!! I hired John on the spot and i'm glad i did. John not only does his job right, he cares. john does not stop when your case is done. He will still keep in touch with you to make sure you're doing good and that you're fallowing with judges orders. John is great with youth. Giving great advice and answering any question you have at anytime a day... either via email or text or a phone call, John is there for you at all times. I had a great experience with john and you should too. i recommend John to everyone i know.... friends, family, co-workers, and i will continue. John deserves a FIVE STAR!!"

"Great Lawyer. John is a great guy and lawyer. I hired him through a referral from a friend and she was right about him, very professional, courteous and understanding. I've had a couple different lawyers in my time, some did their jobs and some didn't but John went above and beyond for me. He made sure I understood all possible outcomes before agreeing to anything. If need be in the future he will be there only one I call. Thanks John."
-Jon Martin

"Great Lawyer. I have had one direct experience with John, and recommended him to two friends. My direct experience was with my daughter.
We interviewed several attorneys. All made it sound like the end of the world for her, except John. He told us that everything would be fine and that while he cannot guarantee results and that every case was unique, but he was completely confident he could keep her out of jail. We felt immediately comfortable and hired him. My daughter goes to college out of town so reduced court appearances was as important to us as the result. Her case would normally involve arraignment, pretrial hearing, hearing or trial (if no plea), and sentencing. He got the arraignment waived, got an outstanding plea (her guilt was not at question) and got the pretrial hearing, hearing, and sentencing rolled into one appearance, saving my daughter (and my bank account) three trips. Along with an outcome that other friends in similar circumstances could not believe.
Both friends I referred him to had similar experiences"

"Outstanding Results. I met with several attorneys before being referred to John. He was recommended by a friend who had previous success when John represented them in court. After the initial consultation I felt confident that John was the best choice to represent me. John negotiated a plea bargain at a significantly reduced charge. This saved me the cost of a trial, a significant amount of fines, incarceration, and most importantly my school/career is no longer jeopardized. I highly recommend John Elkhoury to be your legal representative and advocate in any criminal defense matter."

"Excellent representation. The consummate professional. Extremely knowledgeable of legal process. Legal aspects explained in detail and what was expected was the results I received in my case. I am grateful to have his expertise at my side through such a stressful situation. I am thankful and appreciative for everything Attorney Elkhoury did for me."

"GREAT lawyer. When i got in trouble my family tried to contact a number of attorneys. all of them said the same thing "next week". when we called john he suggested we go to his office the next morning. john already had a game plan the second i walked in. he was very knowledgeable in the law and eased all the stressed i had. and at any time during my case day or night i could call/text john and he would guide me every step of the way. john made me feel less like a "client" and more like a family member because of how much he cared. and the results of my case were better than i had ever hoped. i will recommend him to friends, family and anyone in need of legal advice."

"Great communication and quick resolution. Great lawyer with successful results. He was able to help reduce charges from over 1000 in fines, 5 points, and a traffic misdemeanor on a single incident to only 1 civil infraction with no points. He was punctual and helpful with the process during the court date. He helped ensure that I was well represented and did not receive unfair treatment. I would recommend him if you want trustworthy and respectable lawyer to help you. He was straightforward and got the results."

"A lawyer who has your corner. First off of the several attorneys I contacted, John was first to respond; which speaks to his character. Through careful correspondence I explained my situation and quickly knew John was best for my case. I received a traffic violation and needed to have my record clean as I drive for a living. John was able to have the traffic infraction dropped from my record. This was the best result I could have hoped for. John literally saved my livelihood. I highly recommend him. Thanks again!"
-David Williams

"John saved me. My case I was facing included multiple traffic infractions as well as a misdemeanor charge. Without Johns help I would have been looking at a mountain of court fees as well as points on my license and possible probation. John went to work for me right away on the case and was in constant communication with me leading up to my court date, putting my mind at ease. I’m court he took charge and told me exactly what to do and say, taking all the fear and guess work out of talking to a judge. In the end John got all points dropped, as well as a misdemeanor and I walked away only having to pay a small fine. John is beyond professional. If you’re serious about finding a lawyer who will work for you around the clock John is your man!"

"Terrific Attorney. I hired John at the beginning of my OWI case in Rochester Hills, we went into court with a solid game plan and we stuck to it. The results prove how good he is at his job. He knows how to speak to the people in the court room, and is very respectful to his clients. I have the upmost respect for John. He has been honest with me and has showed me that he is knowledgeable in the judicial system. I highly recommend John."

"Amazing Attorney. I hired John Elkhoury as an attorney. We all know car accidents happen, and are traumatic. During this process, I met someone who did just as the reviews say, treated me like a person, and not a client. I did not even read the reviews prior to speaking to him. I see now why those reviews are there, and I understand good attorneys exist. John assured me that accidents happen, and that, it is why they call them car accidents. I am in such support to someone who is reading this, to John, because talking to him was easy, and he knew I badly needed legal representation. The day came for court, and during this traumatic process, John kept me calm. I was at a doctors appointment, and he even asked if I was ok, or if this court process was stressing me, and that I should be ok, and he does the stress part. Who says that? A great attorney. The outcome of this horrible experience, was: case dismissed, and for good reasoning. I did not expect how much he fought for me. I am grateful I met John Elkhoury. His name is easy to remember to recommend to anyone I know."

Misdemeanor down to civil infraction. I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking a excellent lawyer. This was my first and hopefully my last time going court. He made the process so comfortable for me. He did everything that he said he would do. Thanks again.

A great guy and lawyer. I hired John and he was great he made me feel like everything was ok. We also connected on a lot of different aspect in life he was very personable and had a great disposition and handles business very well. I totally recommend this guy.

Highly Recommended. I was Referred to John from a friend and it worked out Great. He’s very professional, knowledgeable, and knows what he’s doing. He saved my driving record and saved me a lot of court fees by getting my charges dropped. I would Highly recommended John to anyone that needs or wants Great service and help from a Lawyer. Thanks again John.

Great Attorney! John Elkhoury was the first people I contacted when I first received my OWI. He immediately returned my phone call and was already very positive he could handle my case. He was amazing to work with, as he knew I had high anxiety about what might happen, he never failed to put me at ease. He showed up to every court date earlier than planned and made sure I was aware of everything that might come my way. It was very reassuring that he knew almost every person in the courthouse every time we walked in and was always sure I was prepared. He is VERY organized and even better he was knowledgeable with every aspect of my case. He made the whole process very easy and anxiety free. I am SO thankful I found John and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone going through anything to call John first!

High Recommended. I Was appointed John on a felony case. He was very knowledgeable in handling my case and well known by the circuit court community. I truly believe I benefited from having John by my side in the court room.

Highly Recommended. I hired John to represent my son for a felony charge. He was quick to respond to my initial call. John got my son’s felony charge dismissed immediately in one court appearance. He was able to knock it down to a misdemeanor under HYTA and completely dismissed after 12 months probation. We were very pleased with the outcome. John is an excellent communicator and knows his way around the courtroom. He is very professional and compassionate. He took time to explain everything to us as parents and also took the time to council and advise our son. We felt very confident having John represent our son in the courtroom. Thank you John!

John is the man to call. He explains all options and over delivers every time I use him. I recommend him over and over I can’t thank him enough. He’s great at what he does and I trust him with anything that might get in my way.--Marissa Franz

I hired John just a week before my court date for 2 criminal charges I was facing. With very little time John tackled my cases and began working immediately. I was facing a 10 year felony and with Johns expertise and diligence it was reduced to a misdemeanor. I thought my life was over but having John on my side, guiding, and explaining everything that was happening along the course eased my stress so I can still live a normal life. I hope I never have to use John again, but if I do I know who to call! Thank you for everything!--Ryan Showers

I was recommended to John by my brother immediately after my legal troubles began. I got an OWI by falling asleep while parked in Rochester Hills, in my confusion I backed into a police car when I woke up startled, blinded by brights aimed through the windshield, not immediately knowing it was the police. Being in Oakland County, they can be particularly harsh with the punishment they deal you for your actions. Things weren’t looking good for me. Many people I know have dealt with Attorneys who put in near minimal effort on a case, especially those appointed by the court. John is no such Lawyer. He began working on my case the day I contacted him. I was shocked and more than surprised by his immediate and constant diligence. We discussed options and likely outcomes at length, which I appreciated beyond words. I was often stressed and anxious about my situation, but felt better every time after I talked to John. He doesn’t cut corners, he puts in the work, he doesn’t sit idly by, he gets ahead of the case, doing whatever he can to get the best outcome possible for his client. Especially if you follow his advice, he calls it a two person effort. You do your part to the best of your ability and he does his, which makes his job that much easier. We discussed a game plan, and he saw it through. He’s extremely professional, and has built solid connections by being his authentic self at all levels of the system all throughout Southeast Michigan, even clerks at the court. He exudes integrity and seriousness, while also being the type of guy who feels like a friend you can talk about anything with. I’ve already recommended John to another friend, who quickly grew to prefer his work over a family lawyer they had known for years. I can’t stress this enough, you want this man defending you. He checks in, keeps you in the loop, takes feedback to heart and seeks the best possible legal avenues. He knows his stuff, puts in hours of work and does his research to achieve the most optimum solution for your problem. I owe him so much for making the process as painless as possible. Not that I plan on getting in more trouble, but John will always be the first person I or my family calls. I will always recommend him before anyone else.---Jake Tuschak