Practice Areas:


My Office’s primary focus is criminal law. I have helped clients with all misdemeanor and felony cases in Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County, St. Clair County, Lapeer County, and Genesee County. I am experienced in all of the courts and use that knowledge to help guide you through your case. Types of cases include:

Drunk Driving/Super Drunk/Minor in Possession

  • Drug Crimes including Possession of Marijuana & Possession of Analogues
  • Traffic Misdemeanors including Reckless Driving and Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
  • Retail Fraud/Larceny/Embezzlement
  • Domestic Violence & Assault and/or Battery
  • Criminal Investigations & Criminal Warrants
  • Probation Violation, Modification of Probation, Show Cause Hearings, Bond Violations
  • Expungement and Driver’s Restoration Hearings


My office handles a wide range of legal issues and cases including:

*Willis-Power of Attorney

My office handles small estate planning for individuals and couples. After an initial consultation I will get your documents ready in a timely fashion and set time aside for you to come in to sign and finalize the documents.

*Document Review

My office will review any contract or professional document for a flat fixed hourly fee. Make sure you are not being taken advantage of with anything that you are signing your name to.

*Family Law

My office will give a free consultation on any family law issue including Divorce and Child Custody. We will fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

*Personal injury

My office will meet for a free consultation for any personal Injury or wrongful death claim including car, truck, motorcycle, medical malpractice and slip & fall accidents.

*Civil Litigation

My office will give you a fair and reasonable assessment pertaining to all civil matters.

*Landlord-Tenant Cases